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iOS 6 Maps : Pros and Cons

Posted: 01 Oct 2012 17:16:56

iOS 6 is officially out, and one of the most talked feature is the new Apple maps. But people are now viewing it as a disappointment. Do you agree? After a day of iOS 6 maps, here is the list of good and bad.

The Pros:

1.    Fly over

This feature is very innovative. It allows you to get a bird's view of a city. The renderings are very accurate, some say even more accurate than Google earth's own. Though not very practical, it is still a very fun way to explore a city. Fly over also supports way more cities (though not in Indonesia) than Google's own mobile Google earth.

2. Turn by turn

Finally, a feature we have been dreading for a while, a very long while. 5 years to be exact. Using the voice of Siri, we can now be accompanied with our iPhone. It's turn by turn is not exactly the best, as it still requires a connection. The best part for me, it can locate which roads have traffic, and it can suggest new, faster, congestion free roads. Interesting.


The cons:

1.    Accuracy

Though it is still acceptable, Apple maps is the worst map out of its competition, Google and Bing maps. A lot of roads are not placed, such as no highway exits, and streets may not be rendered properly. Locations can be very far off, such as in America the Washington National monument. There are also very embarrassing mistakes, such as labeling a park named airfield as an actual airport.


2. Fly over

Yes, it is labeled as a pro, but some buildings are not rendered properly. Bridges looks wavy, a highway is broken, curvy roads, and some are not even able to render. And it requires a very fast connection or LTE (which is not supported by Indonesia yet) And it only works on A5+ chip devices.


So, what do you think? Is Apple maps an achievement or a disappointment? Leave your comments (go on, android fans) below.

(Samuel Vedrik - Kontributor Bhinneka Post)


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