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 Posted Wednesday, October 15, 2014 12:52:35 AM
Warga Baru

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Rising interest rates are a reference or BI rate by Bank Indonesia (BI) votes will not affect the sale of the apartment. Because, the majority of apartment buyers to Transact in cash.

"If the purchase of the apartment the baseball too much influence. Because the purchase through ownership credit apartments (KPA) is only 20 percent, "said Associate Director Research Colliers Indonesia, Ferry Salanto, as reported by the Okezone.

He called the purchase of apartment much is done by means of cash or repayments gradually. The gradual acknowledgment that most of the repayments made by the buyer.

"It is paid (instalments) during the period of construction. Cash without interest from developers, "he said.

As it known, BI has just raised the interest rate of reference of 0.25 basis points to 7.25 percent. As a result, bank rates, including credit, interest rate increase.

Cash advance loan funds absorption housing (PUMP) PT Jamsostek Regional V-YOGYAKARTA Central Java is very low. Up to July this year, its realization has reached Rp5,44 billion to 320 workers.

Absorption budget PUMP for 7 months for credit financing 257 housing units is simple. This financing is done through 7 branch offices of Jamsostek, in ground water. Such statements Inono Dachlan as the head of marketing of the region and the regional social security Senior Manager V to business.

He added that the allocation of the PUMP this year amounted to Rp16 billion and recently a third of absorbed Rp5,44 billion.

"But we are still confident the absorption will be higher this year than last year which is less than 100%," he explained.

Absorption loan throughout the 2012 known to reach Rp11,6 billion for 519 housing units. The realization of only meet 70% of targeted.

The low absorption of impropriety triggered by graded applicants in accessing the banking loans.

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