best protein shakes for weight loss and other vitamins

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 Posted Wednesday, January 21, 2015 11:42:43 PM

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Vitamin Water
Synthetic substances such as vitamin c, vitamin b, best protein shakes for weight loss and other vitamins, are substances added in Vitamin Water. Vitamin in water this can provide additional intake of vitamins for your body. However, by no means can replace the function of vegetable and fruit. Because after all, vegetable and fruit is the source of most good nutrition intake.

Because it contains dyes, water bervitamin is less suitable if consumed on a daily basis. In addition, sugar or artificial sweeteners, making this water calories in high enough.

Water electrolyte
Water that is known by the name sports drink this, suitable for those interested in sport or normal work under hot weather sparked a lot of loss of bodily fluids. This water is able to replace the fluids that come out excessively, because the water electrolyte best protein shakes for weight loss contains carbohydrates, sodium or sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

When the ingredient is appropriate as it is recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine and then this water is very beneficial for the body. Where karbohidratnya content ranging between 4-8% (4-8 gr/100 ml) and 23 – 69 mg/100 ml (10 – 30 mmol/L) of sodium or sodium. If you do not need to be specific, this water does not need to be consumed excessively. For 300 ml of water electrolyte containing carbohydrates ranging between 50-100 calories, which, if not needed, will be processed by the body into glucose or sugar, which would later lead to weight gain.

Infused Water/Spa Water
Water Water is infused marinade results fruit, foliage, herbs or spices. One simple example infused water namely tea. Making water is quite easy, because it uses natural ingredients. If you're using fruit, cut thin or thin-fruit small to be more soluble in water. After 30 minutes, ranged from soaked infused water is ready to be consumed.

Although the nutrients dissolved in it is not much, this water can be an alternative for those of you who are less like plain water, so that it is able to meet the needs of water that are useful to the body. When stored in the refrigerator, the water is able to survive and safely consumed up to 3 days.

Sparkling Water
This water is water which has been dissolved carbon dioxide gas (CO2) with specific temperature and pressure. Before consuming this water, best protein shakes for weight loss you should pay attention to the substances contained in it.
The nutritional elements contained therein are not natural, due to the manufacturing process of the plant. Just like Vitamin Water, this water also contains sweeteners or sugar.

Sparkling Water or Soda Water is usually more often used as mixed fruit cocktail or juice for added flavor sensation. So, this is not the kind of water can be used as an alternative to meet the needs of water in the body. Even so, this water has the main function that is, relieve symptoms such as dyspepsia bloating. This water is also better not consumed excessively, because it can damage the enamel of the tooth.

Kangen Water (Miracle Water)
The term originated in Japan that kangen means "return to the origin. Kangen water is made synthetically using special tools tool you can get on the market. The manufacturing process that is by way of a regular flow of water into the machine a special filtration is able to ionize and change the pH (acidity) of the water becomes more alkaline (PH 8,5 – 11).

The water is alkaline reduced water and able to reduce DNA damage, best protein shakes for weight loss being anti anti cancer and diabetes. This water can also be an alternative for You to complement a healthy lifestyle to achieve perfect health.

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