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Posted By prezanda Tuesday, March 3, 2015 8:40:26 PM
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 Posted Tuesday, March 3, 2015 8:40:26 PM

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Is ' the Office ' hectic schedule makes us sometimes forget about healthy food, especially for lunch. Traffic-jammed streets of the capital, make lunch often missed by most employees. If your Office has a cafeteria employees who provide healthy lunches, may still weight loss supplements be preserved. But if not, the choice usually falls on the food being sold around the Office, which is easily reachable by foot.

Fast food might be able to give a sense of satiety, but was not immediately guarantee your health. So that nutritional needs are met, first you should have a basic knowledge about nutrition and what food sources of nutrients are coming from. After you figure it out, you need to combine the menu every day, so the menu
lunch You will continue to vary.

However, if you do not want to bother to remember nutrient content and tallying up the number of calories your lunch, now there is a catering service that help you have a healthy lunch without a hassle. One of the catering service providing healthy food is Gourmet Nutricious (NG) that is monitored by a nutritionist Hindah Muaris can be contacted via email:

Before taking lunch, make it a habit to eat fruit b12 and weight loss or drinking the juice first. Because fruits contain enzymes that will assist the absorption of the nutrients from the foods you consume. Here's a good juice according to Hindah Muaris, a nutritionist who has been dabbling in the culinary world for the past 15 years:
1. Should the juice made with blender juicer so that the seratnya remain
2. do not add sugar or milk into the pure juice
3. Should the sugar replaced with honey if you want to stay there an extra sweet
4. lemon juice can be added to add freshness
5. Drinking immediately and spend because after 3 hours, the nutrient content of the fruit is processed into juices will be lost. Then, if it is forced to buy the juice out of the Office, ask the newly processed juice, not a juice that's been so.

In addition to juices, to be paid attention by ' the Office ' is the habit of consuming fried foods. Hindah allows the consumption of fried foods during cooking Exercise Routines for Weight Loss at home with a good oil and brought to the Office. Hindah prohibits buying fried if purchased at any place, especially if it is clearly visible that the oil used is turning into black color and has been used several times.

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