A prevalence of obesity

Posted By prezanda Friday, March 13, 2015 2:54:56 PM
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 Posted Friday, March 13, 2015 2:54:56 PM

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a prevalence of obesity in children continues to grow. In the United States, it has doubled between 1980 and 1994! The lack of physical expenditure and an unbalanced diet are the main causes. More specifically, the role of the consumption of sodas and other drinks oolong tea benefits in the development of overweight is today confirmed.


With the modern diet, consumption of sodas and sugary drinks increases, especially in young children. It has notably multiplied by 500% in the United States in fifty years! However, at the same time observed a significant increase in childhood obesity. Suspected for a long time, a study confirms today this relationship of cause and effect between intake of sweet liquid and increase of overweight.

Were monitored over a period of a year and a half almost 550 children older Americans by an average of 12 years. Apart from the usual diet and lifestyle, it turns out that each additional daily intake of sugary drink is accompanied by an increase of 0 (BMI) body mass index, 24 kg/m2 and thus an increased frequency of obesity. Conversely, prefer drinks without sugar reduces the incidence of overweight.

Despite the successive food crises, the taste is the first criterion of quality for 40% of the French. According to a survey conducted by the National Institute of the consumption (INC) and the Research Centre for the study and Observation of Conditions of life (CREDOC), we want to eat before any good things even if one cares quite rightly, and increasingly hypnosis weight loss, the risks that brings our plates.

A report on quality labels

For 40% of the French, taste is the main criterion of quality of our food. The nutrient intake coming in second place, as first cite it 17% of respondents. Then comes the absence of health risks (15% of all respondents). However, the fear the safety of our base is growing. Indeed, for two thirds of the French, consumed products pose risks to health, while they were only 55% to think in 1997.

A report on quality labels

In this context concerns and uncertainties, it would seem that labels of qualifications reassures. So, seven in ten people sure to trust the signs of quality applied to food products. Despite multiple labels that have developed in recent years, contributing also to the difficulties of tracking, 'red label', cited by 43% of respondents, enjoys the best reputation. It is followed by the «AB», for organic farming logo, with 18%.

However, this information is not sufficient: 80% of consumers monitor closely the date of expiration of fresh products, 75% read the information on the labels hcg weight loss reviews the origin of the food is the most sought after, then comes the precise composition of the product, and finally, the price remains crucial as 58% of the French believe that quality pays.So premium taste and vigilance …

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