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Posted By prezanda Friday, March 13, 2015 2:57:48 PM
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 Posted Friday, March 13, 2015 2:57:48 PM

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Sugary drinks have probably more influence on BMI than other food categories because they are in liquid form. In particular, most subjects compensate in the short term an excess of high-energy liquid by eating less at the next meal (and then succumbing more easily fruit and weight loss to the snack pending the next meal). However long-term nutritional balance destabilizes since physiological signals, including hunger, themselves disturbed.

A behavioural prevention would be beneficial to curb this phenomenon of childhood obesity expansion already well established in France. It is important to teach the children from their earliest age to eat properly. In all cases, it is necessary to respond to the signals our body and not a fashion. Let us not forget that it is necessary to push the children (and adults) alike to go spend daily energy consumption.

Internet is becoming a very interesting and effective tool to design individualized online weight reduction programs. A study has tested these new custom behavioral methods and compared with conventional educational therapies.

Custom and effective assistance

Through more frequent access to the Internet, the web has become a tool for public health interventions. For example, the net seems to be a support particularly interesting to develop a therapeutic assistance support of obesity. Indeed, it first through the need to lose weight, patients should be educated to change their habits food and life in general weight loss juicing recipes.

The possibility to complete a learning following a searchable method permanently and at their own pace through a Web site, should contribute to a better implementation of the treatment and a good observance. Of course, the ideal would be to customize these programs to exceed the simple education and reach of actual behavioural changes essential for weight reduction long term. Precisely, the web offers this possibility, that researchers come to test.

Custom and effective assistance

More than 90 overweight people, aged from 18 to 60 years, were followed during 6 months a program to lose weight, either by calling a 'classic' Internet education, or behavioral therapy also on the Internet. Before starting, all subjects participated in a session of weight reduction group, and access to an Internet site offering the possibility to follow different methods has been proposed. Volunteers of the 'behavioral therapy' group had access to an additional program, including weekly lessons personalized by email and the possibility to submit online each week an annotated book of their remarks, their progress and challenges, for which they had a return by email from a therapist.

In the end, these last patients lost more weight than subjects who received classical education: 4kg against 1.6 kg! They are also more likely to have reached meal planner for weight loss the goal of 5% weight reduction.It is therefore possible to implement behavioral therapies individualized with return of personalized advice. In addition, the results are better than a simple education by Internet.

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