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Posted By prezanda Sunday, May 3, 2015 4:21:05 PM
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 Posted Sunday, May 3, 2015 4:21:05 PM

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She know how it feels to hate his own stomach braggs apple cider vinegar weight loss, legs find repulsive - finally battled fitness and weight-loss coach Silke Kayadelen for many years due to extreme weight fluctuations. But now she has reached her well-being feeling weight and no longer sits under pressure. At this point she would like to bring their candidates and clients - at EAT SMARTER she reveals how.

"If I can take the pressure off the people, then it's usually click", which explained the television fitness and weight-loss expert known Silke Kayadelen in the EAT SMARTER interview. The 45-year-old know what you talking about, finally she wore even dress size 44 in its most difficult phases. Negative feel yourself against is what do the weight loss so hard.

Overweight people reduce themselves often just waiting for their weight - "that's why I tell them first what's great about them", so Kagia. "Then we look together, what is not in form, how we can work." She take seriously the people and assume they touch them. Something that many of them would hardly know.

Good feel weight instead of ideals of beauty

Silke Kayadelen annoyed that all behind to emulate a common ideal of beauty, that has little to do so with the reality as an episode of "Sex and the City". "I had my last healthy green smoothie recipes for weight loss Eureka moment when I was told that dress size 38/40 would be actually something lush for television. It's but on the reality of the viewer past - the majority of bears but not size 36!" This was incorrect body cult - their goal is therefore to make, everyone must find his own well-being feel weight their candidates.

Of course belong to a change of eating habits and movement - but none must be equal to the leaf of lettuce-knabbernden professional athletes! On the contrary: rather discourage unrealistic - too ambitious objectives -, white man nowadays.

TV weight loss easier

Lose weight before a television audience healthy green smoothie recipes for weight loss is quite different than at home, white Silke Kayadelen. "The external pressure is much larger increases the motivation to endure that and makes it easier." But also on the customer order of their private customers, which oversees the personal trainer in their sports centre in Essen, make proud. So tells radiant joy of Fatih EfE (39), who has lost their help with regular boxing 60 kilogram! Earlier, he had to sleep with a breathing mask and was able to play with his two children.

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