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Posted By prezanda Sunday, May 10, 2015 2:26:59 PM
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 Posted Sunday, May 10, 2015 2:26:59 PM

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Happy humanity does not himself thus but still long. Higher, faster, further - this motto applies also with regard to the age. And certainly for this reason scientists of the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH) have investigated now a building block for sample 1200 calorie meal plans a longer, more efficient life. Is Glucosamine, a sugar, which in the connective tissue, cartilage and synovial fluid occurs and is available as a dietary supplement to strengthen the growth of cartilage and joints, as well as to the prevention of osteoarthritis.

Although evidence of the positive effects of the food additive on cartilage and joints, or for the prevention of osteoarthritis is missing, the sugar variant seems still to have a promising benefit: a study in elderly mice the Zurich showed researchers that Glucosamine the recovery of sugar slows and so ensures a low blood sugar. A low-carbohydrate diet is faked the body - very similar to the low-carb diet. Glucosamine seems to simultaneously maintain that intensified the degradation of proteins for energy.

sample 1200 calorie meal plans

This meant for the mice: the natural life expectancy in those animals that were fed during the experiment with Glucosamine in addition, rose an average of just under 10 percent, which would correspond to an increase in human life expectancy by at least about eight years. Harmful side effects of life-prolonging amino sugar were not expected to, emphasize the researchers and pointed out that it would reduce may also be the risk of diabetes at the age given the promising effects of Glucosamine in humans.

For the time being whether the research results however transfer can be on the human organism, unclear. Appropriate long-term studies are planned, explain the researchers in the journal "Nature Communications". Until then, we just glad that at least mice on weight loss compression garments a longer life may hope. And just not envy! To provide themselves with Glucosamine to take advantage of the supposed effect is not a good idea.

As long as there are no reliable, independent studies on the effect of amino sugar to the people, should be definitely the hands off - even if the dream of eternal life thus puts in considerably greater distance...

A growling stomach produces bad mood, dear blog readers. You have certainly already heard of it. I must admit that I personally still not - discovered this phenomenon to me but what is not, can still be. Researchers from Ohio State University in Columbus anyway, went the hunger cliche to the bottom and finally wanted proof of the nagging effect. And Lo and behold: your study, which included truly curious methods, brought the evidence...

weight loss compression garments

To check the theory first 107 married couples were asked about the degree of their relationship satisfaction. Over the next 21 days, the subjects were asked to measure their blood sugar levels (glucose levels in the blood) each morning and evening. In addition received the participants in the study of Voodoo dolls and a matching set of 51 needles. This tool with a rather unusual task was connected: the more the volunteers about their partner were offended, the more often they should Pierce him or her imaginary uses the Voodoo doll.

The result revealed astonishing: depending on the blood sugar levels of the test person was lower, more needles stuck in the doll at the end. The anger on the partner was all the greater the more hunger felt the person, so the explanation of researchers from Columbus.

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