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Posted By prezanda Wednesday, August 19, 2015 3:15:07 PM
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 Posted Wednesday, August 19, 2015 3:15:07 PM

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The workings of the testing is; Calculate the sum of a whole fresh pineapple example, observe visually one by one and separate fruit that does not correspond to cultivars for ang besangkutan. Calculate the number of finger pineapple that are not in accordance with the aforementioned cultivars. Calculate the percentage of the number of finger pineapple that are judged to have the shapes and colors that are not typical for the respective cultivars against the number of spokes in its entirety.

b) determination of uniformity of fruit size.
Measure the length of each fruit sample and calculated starting from the tip of the fruit until the base of the stalk from the entire sample test by using the appropriate gauge. The measure also the midline of the fruit by using the sliding bar. Separate classifications in accordance with that stated on the label on the packaging.

c) determination of the degree of Age.
Notice the corners on the skin of the pineapple fruit fresh. Fruit tidsak running again (almost unanimous) means old 100%, while still very real angle mean age level is still 70% or less.

d) determination of the degree of physical damage/Mechanical
Calculate the number of fingers from the entire sample of pineapple fruit. Observe one by one finger and visually separate the fruit the fruit is graded mechanical/physical damage in the form of cuts or bruises. Calculate the number of damaged and then sharing with the whole jumalh and multiplied by 100%.

e) the determination of the levels of Impurities
Weigh the whole fruit example tested, observed visually kotorang, separate your Earwax on fruit and packaging such as land, SAP, stems, foliage or other objects that are included in the term dirt stuck to the fruit and packaging, and weigh the whole litter. The weight of heavy filth per sample tested fruit throughout time by 100%.

For a tropical pineapple, cardboard carton used size is 18 kg or 12 kg. The cardboard can be divided into two spaces or left without Division of space. Before pineapple entered, alasi/lightly coat the bottom and sides in cardboard boxes with plastic sheet/plastic pouch. After the pineapple compiled cover pineapple with plastic. Can just group (cluster) pineapple wrapped with plastic sheet/plastic pouches before put into a cardboard carton. On the outside of the packaging, label that reads as follows.

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