Organic fertilizer for tomato

Posted By prezanda Wednesday, August 19, 2015 3:17:43 PM
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 Posted Wednesday, August 19, 2015 3:17:43 PM

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Organic fertilizer Solbi Agro for tomato is precisely formulated nutrition, it takes very little in quantity, but very necessary to optimize plant metabolic system so that plant growth became dynamic, growing media became fertile because of added probiotic content in organic fertilizer parser Solbi Agro for tomato which also it is important to break down soil organic matter into organic fertiliser ready to use.

Each drop of organic fertilizer Solbi Agro for tomato contains essential Amino acids, fatty acids, Enzyme, probiotic, minerals, vitamins, Juice fruits, vegetables, whole grains, water, molasses, fish oil and honey. With the content so complete is what will make organic fertilizers Agro Solbi had the ability to double crop yields.

Organic fertilizer produced with Agro Solbi cold Fermentation, enriched with probiotics Native Indonesia so it is safe for the environment, non-toxic, but in applications can be mixed with pesticides so the cost of work is certainly more efficient and more economical.

In the use of organic fertilizer is very frugal enough Agro Solbi 12-24 ml (1-2 closed) per tank spray (14-17 liters of water), so that each litre of spray solution requires only 0.8-1.6 ml organic fertilizer Solbi Agro for tomato. And costs only 2.750/tank Very Efficient Right? Although its use very sparingly but organic fertilizers Agro Solbi is capable of folding process yields. try to compare the use of organic fertilizers with a dose of the other! Definitely need a concentration between 2 – 5 ml per liter of water. Why is very efficient due to Solbi Agro for tomato organic fertilizer is organic fertilizer which has been compressed so that the content of the active ingredient and probiotics in them is very high. To compress the organic fertilizer Solbi Agro for tomato was required a very long time that is 9 months. Yach to make Solbi Agro for tomato takes 9 months.

PADDY RICE FIELDS. By using a special rice Variatas not yet released organic fertilizers Agro Solbi has the potential of doubling yields up to being able to produce 30 tons/ha. By using Varieties ciherang and sticky organic fertilizer Solbi Agro for tomato is able to multiply its harvest until able to produce 15 tonnes/ha. This is evident in the demplot of rice I saw though the ditanaman plants in areas that are less fertile, padinya never exposed to floods, snail and distance attack plants that are too tightly but from the results of the experiments have been done on rice plant Liem Yoskar varieties of organic fertilizer to apply special Agro Solbi still able to produce 12.5 tonnes/ha and on the varieties ciherang and sticky rice can produce 9.25 tons/ha (if I compare with my other rice production "Banyumas" which is approximately 7 ton/ha production is still very spectacular).

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