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Posted By prezanda Friday, September 4, 2015 3:56:03 PM
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 Posted Friday, September 4, 2015 3:56:03 PM

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Padang Gelugur sub-district with it to reach the 3000 ha makes this region is a major tomatoes-producing area in the Central West Pasaman. But lately the decline production due to various factors, one of which was the attack of virus diseases of tungro. Therefore it needs to be understood by the farmers ' cause and transmission of these viruses as well as efforts to control it in field. Tungro disease is caused by two types of viruses namely tomatoes Tungro Bacilliform Virus "" (RTBV) and "tomatoes Tungro Spherical Virus (RTSV)." This disease is caused by a green planthopper (Nephotettix virescens) as a vector (penular). Attack on the vegetative growth phase and cause the plant to grow a dwarf and a reduced number of saplings.

Tungro Attack Symptoms

Stem and leaf helaian retracts and leaves are often stricken with yellow to yellow-orange. Young leaves are often berlurik or colored strips of pale green to white with different length parallel to the bones.

Symptoms begin from the end of the older leaves. Yellowing leaves are reduced when the older infected leaves.

Malai afflicted by rarely producing grain, be short and sterile or only partially containing a grain changes color. Flowering of plants that had so delayed and formation of panicles often not perfect.

Control Of Tungro Virus

The use of resistant Varieties. The use of resistant varieties like Tukad Terms is the best way to take control of tungro. Crop varieties of tomatoes, it is important to reduce the interference robustness.

Piracy under the rest of the infected stumps. This is done to reduce the source of the disease and destroy the eggs and place of hatching green planthopper. The Rover immediately after harvest when the plants prior to his stricken with the disease.

Setting the seedbed. At the time the fastest spread seed nursery 5 days after tillage, given existing tungro viruses in tomatoes stubble and body spray with Green had been lost after a period of time.

In the area of chronic tungro, seedbed covered with gauze in order to be safe from the attacks of the green or the pest before the spread of the seeds should ground given the active ingredient insktisida carbofuran (Curater) 4 kg/500 m2 in a way to be immersed in conjunction with tillage.

Should not use seeds from the area contained attacks tungro Infected seedlings should be repealed and tungro were then destroyed by sunk into the ground.

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