X-RITE Color Munki Photo Package - Color Management System
X-RITE Color Munki Photo Package - Color Management System
X-RITE Color Munki Photo Package - Color Management System
X-RITE Color Munki Photo Package - Color Management System
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X-RITE Color Munki Photo Package

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  • Software and hardware color control solution provides the functionality to calibrate your monitors
  • projectors and printers
  • so the color you see on screen is the color you get in print
  • Overview
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The ColorMunki Photo is the essential all-in-one colour control solution for photographers, combining speed, accuracy and simplicity of use. The ColorMunki Photo delivers fast, accurate monitor-to-print matching, easy or advanced monitor profiling, RGB and CMYK printer profiling and fast and accurate projector profiling. With this convenient portable device, you can Calibrate, Capture, Communicate and Create anywhere
  • Monitor, Printer & Projector Profiler-ColorMunki Photo is the innovative new way to bring your photos from screen to print with color perfection. Designed for the wedding, social, portrait photographers, this color control solution delivers new technological features for display, projector and RGB/CMYK printer profiling. It's also loaded with new color creation and communication tools that allow you to grab colors from virtually anywhere, including your entire image library, preview your color palettes under different light sources and even preview for PrintSafe production under a variety of different printing methods. Send your images to your clients with a new level of confidence that they are viewed in a calibrated environment with the DigitalPouch communication tool. All this delivered in an all-in-one integrated solution with a streamlined interface, making the most of your digital workflow.
  • The ColorMunki Device
    • All-in-One spectrophotometer is the only device required to profile monitors, projectors and printers and measure colors.  
    • A white calibration tile is integrated, so there’s nothing to lose or match up to your device.  
    • A protective bag doubles as an integrated monitor holder - and it all fits in the palm of your hand.  
    • Quick, easy self-guided interface offers a fast path to high quality custom monitor, projector and printer profiles  
    • Integrated how-to videos  
    • Easy and Advanced Monitor Profiling Modes: Easy mode’s predetermined selections are perfect for photographers who are looking for quick and easy profiling. Choose Advanced if you want more control over whitepoint, contrast, brightness or ambient measurements.  
    • Photo ColorPicker intuitive interface for easiest color palette building and verification  
    • DigitalPouch offers ViewSafe™ capabilities ensuring color confidence when sharing images with your client  
  • Monitor and Projector Profiling
    • Calibrate and profile all of your LCD, CRT and laptop monitors so you know the colors you see on screen are the same colors you’ll see in print.  
    • Automatic DDC recognition will quickly determine if your monitor is compliant and if so, perform all advanced display calibrations automatically, delivering a high quality profile with no user intervention.  
    • NEW: Advanced mode offers the ability to optimize your display luminance, based on ambient light or any value you specify.  
    • NEW: ambient light measurement and resulting optimum white luminance values provided; target and actual measured luminance values are provided when adjusting display luminance  
    • NEW: automated contrast clipping test for an even easier display contrast and brightness optimization workflow.  
    • NEW: Video LUT adjustments to pinpoint display target luminance value, ensuring more accurate results  
    • NEW: Ability to create custom display profile names or accept default name before saving and applying profile  
    • ColorMunki technology gives you fast and accurate projector profiles so you can show your images on the big screen to clients, family and friends with color confidence!  
    • Before and after visualization and calibration reminder prompts keep everything in check.  
  • RGB and CMYK Printer Profiling
    • No need to read individual color patches – ColorMunki’s superfast scanning can rapidly measure test charts in less than one minute!  
    • Simply scan one 50-patch test chart, and ColorMunki will learn how your printer behaves with these colors and dynamically generate a second chart of 50 patches. Then print and scan this second chart of 50 patches and your profile is perfected!  
    • ColorMunki is so smart it even has the ability to optimize your profile based on images for specific colors, black & white, flesh tones, etc.  
    • With AppSet™, you don’t have to worry about what to do with your new printer profile. ColorMunki talks to your photo and design applications and sets the profile automatically.  
    • Create with Power  
    • # Automatically extract colors from any image in your library or go directly into the image and drag any color you can see to create a custom color palette. ColorMunki Photo also lets you grab color from any surface with the easy spot color measurement function.  
    • With ColorMunki's new PrintSafe™ checking capabilities, you can preview your color palettes under different lighting sources or evaluate printing processes for out of gamut colors before you go to production.  
    • When you are ready to use your custom palette, automatically synchronize it to Adobe® Photoshop® CS4 Macintosh, InDesign® CS4 Macintosh or Windows, QuarkXpress®, CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X4, or Corel® Painter™X. Or you can import into any of your other favorite photo and design applications. (Note: AppSet support for Adobe® Photoshop® CS4 Windows is not possible with the current release of Photoshop CS4 on Windows)  
  • Communicate Effortlessly
    • Share your masterpieces quickly and easily with DigitalPouch, a self-executable application that allows for color managed sharing and viewing of your images.  
    • Simply drag and drop the images you want to transport into the pouch, “zip” it up and send.  
    • The receiver doesn’t need to own or install any special software. They simply doubleclick on the DigitalPouch file and they’ll be able to view the images with your embedded profiles in a fully automatic and color managed viewing application. DigitalPouch files are even completely cross platform independent so you can send the same file to Windows or Macintosh users and the color results will match  
    • DigitalPouch also checks the recipients monitor for an up-to-date display profile and indicates if it’a ViewSafe™ or color accurate environment. This provides you and your customer complete confindence that the color integrity of the images is being preserved when viewed by all.  
Dimensi Produk
  • 8.9 x 9.5 x 4.4 cm  
Berat Produk340 g 
Manufacturer Website http://www.xrite.com
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