THONET & VANDER 2.0 Speaker Turm - Speaker Computer Performance 2.0
THONET & VANDER 2.0 Speaker Turm - Speaker Computer Performance 2.0
THONET & VANDER 2.0 Speaker Turm - Speaker Computer Performance 2.0
THONET & VANDER 2.0 Speaker Turm - Speaker Computer Performance 2.0
THONET & VANDER 2.0 Speaker Turm - Speaker Computer Performance 2.0
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THONET & VANDER 2.0 Speaker Turm

Rp 5,600,000
Rp 5,499,000
Garansi: 12 Bulan dari Distributor Resmi di Indonesia
  • 2.0 Speaker System
  • 100 watt RMS
  • Overview
  • Spesifikasi

Stunning, amazing. Turm™ is a unique piece that captures the attention in any room. Powerful and dynamic, it can be digitally connected to multiple media to enjoy your music, movies and video games with high definition output. For exquisite users only.

Turm™ has a power output of 100 watts RMS, 50 watts for each speaker. Perfect for listening to music with overwhelming power and sound purity.


Turm™ stands out for its sound plenitude, and for its ability to create harmony between purity and power of sound. With its lively and dynamic sound, it fits all user needs. Enhancing acoustic perception and improving the sound experience noticeably, it reproduces with unique quality every type of melody and sound.


In Turm™ we can see that the design is crossed by pure shapes, with details at the top and the bottom breaking the straight lines, and providing freshness. It has a considerable size, exactly 800 x 187 x 307 mm, and it’s thin and tall. Its vanguard aesthetic offers style and elegance to every room.


This technology provides smooth treble sounds, with extreme definition and sharpness. Cutting edge materials help extend the tweeter's operating range above the audible spectrum. Enjoy the subtlety and every detail of the sound.


This technology extends low frequencies to deliver a deep and powerful sound. This exclusive development of our R & D department allows sound to acquire a robust and voluminous character, while maintaining it clear and natural. Experience the beat of the bass, the power of sound.


It is a natural polymer of high density that when combined, generates a more rigid and dense material than the MDF manufactured today. These properties prevent vibration and leakage of sound, enabling a more accurate, efficient and sustainable performance.


It is a technology that allows you to isolate the sound of external interference, allowing a pure and crystal clear sound flow without noises’ irruptions.


This protective cloth works as a shield,protecting the drivers from any damage and from all kinds of harmful agents. This helps to take care of both sound quality and equipment performance.


The Bass Reflex Sound enhances the sound expelled through the rear of the diaphragm. This way the resonance system increases the bass response of the controller and optimizes the efficiency and performance of low frequencies.


Its 1 inch tweeter is made entirely in silk**. This type of fiber is known for being very light and responsive, allowing reproducing treble frequencies in a pure and crystalline way. The suspending ring also contains silk, which optimizes the accuracy by allowing extremely thin beats.


Its 5- inch woofer is made entirely of aramid fiber in its characteristic yellow color. This material is extremely rigid and light, enabling a high performance. The upper suspension ring is made of highly elastic rubber, allowing larger displacement sensitivity and resistance to the beats of sound.


We use it to pair our speakers with playback devices, tablets, phones, MP3 players and laptops. Music, movies, TV, video games and social content with amazing sound. Perfect to play music for every room in your home with the best sound.


The equipment has an extended range wireless coverage, the area of influence of the device exceeds 10 meters allowing you to connect any device quickly and without interference.


It is a protocol for transmission of digital audio signals between devices and stereo components. It is used by most modern audio equipment such as DVD players, Blue Ray, HD decoders, desktop computers or any device with " optical output ". This type of digital connection reduces electrical noise interference, improving the quality of the signal received by the speaker and providing a pure and crystal clear sound.


Saving energy is part of the preservation of the environment, one of our main goals. That's why our teams have an on/off switch that completely interrupts power to the equipment. This allows energy savings when the speaker is not being used


Thanks to the RCA / 3.5mm stereo input you can easily connect your device to your computer and to any player device that has stereo output: tablet, smartphone, notebook, PC, TV.


You can connect a subwoofer, so you can separate the bass sounds from the trebble and middle sounds to enhance sound distribution in the room


Ergonomic controls are built with materials of the latest generation, which allows to optimize the selection range by regulating in a precise and detailed way the volume, bass and treble. Perfect for practically control the sound of your movies , video and favorite music.


The speaker has a wireless remote control, this allows to turn it on, select the playback source, raise and lower the volume, adjust bass and treble, press the mute button and reset the selected EQ setup.

Subwoofer Driver2 Woofer 5"
  • Material: Aramid Fiber  
  • Impedance / Power: 8 Ohm 50W  
Respon Frekuensi40Hz - 20KHz 
Input / Output
  • bluetooth 2.1  
  • 3.5 / RCA stereo  
Kontrolvolume, treble, bass / remote control (inalambric) 
Dimensi800 x 187 x 307 mm 
  • Tweeter:
    • Material: Silk  
    • Size: 1"  
    • Impedance / Power: 4 Ohm 20W  
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