ROLAND Hi-Fi Jet FH-740 - Large Printer - Roland

ROLAND Hi-Fi Jet FH-740

Rp 345,000,000
Garansi: 12 bulan dari Distributor Resmi di Indonesia
  • 1440 dpi
  • 1869 mm
  • 6 color
  • Piezo ink-jet
  • Aqueous Ink
  • LAN
  • Overview
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The legend continues with the Hi-Fi JET FH-740
  • The Roland Hi-Fi JET FH-740 is simply unrivaled in the marketplace. Built with legendary Roland engineering, its sleek design offers all the durability and uncompromising print quality today's sign makers require. The Hi-Fi JET FH-740 features Roland's latest dual gold-plated printheads and advanced variable droplet technology for unsurpassed imaging and color accuracy. Choose the best configuration for your business needs: 6-color CMYKLcLm for remarkably rich, smooth graphics, or 8-color CMYKLcLm plus OrGr for spot colors.* With the FH-740, the legend continues as Roland once again takes wide-format aqueous inkjet printing to the next level.
  • The Ultimate in 6-Color Printing with Light Cyan (Lc) and Light Magenta (Lm)
    • The FH-740 employs dual-head architecture featuring our latest gold-plated printhead. Based on an advanced eight-channel design with 180 nozzles per channel, this state-of-the-art printhead ensures flawless printing of the finest details, while its gold-plated casing reduces the static electricity that can lead to clogging. The FH-740 also includes Roland Intelligent Pass Control® for reduced banding in between passes. The FH-740 combines 6-color CMYK, Light Cyan and Light Magenta inks with advanced variable droplet inkjet printing technology. Selecting from seven different droplet sizes, the FH-740 achieves smooth gradations and high-density output for photographic and vector images alike. With the FH-740 every detail of its performance has been fine tuned, down to the size of the droplets, to capture all the nuances within a design.  
  • Secure Media Handling System Built on Rigid, Durable Construction
    • The FH-740 offers exceptional stability through the longest production runs, thanks to durable construction and advanced media handling features. Multi-point pinch rollers and a redesigned platen ensure accurate media feeding of rolls up to 40 kg, and a belt drive moves the print carriage with precision. The FH-740 includes a high-torque, durable scan motor -- technology commonly reserved for grand-format printing devices. With the FH-740, you can print 360 x 720 dpi images (4 pass mode) at 18.0 m2/hour. High-speed 100 Base-TX/10 Base-T networks are supported.  
  • Advanced Features and Ease of Use, All in An Eco-Friendly Print Platform
    • The FH-740's new media edge clamps are positioned to secure the media properly while allowing prints to be slit for removal without having to remove the clamps. The media flanges have been located close to the ground for easy loading and unloading of media. Once your media is loaded, you can simply choose the proper printer settings using the calibration test pattern. Calibration can be adjusted while printing as well, to save media and time. Register up to eight different media presets to share among operators. In addition, the FH-740 is fully compliant with ECO Label, Roland's guidelines for Environmentally-Conscious Product Design. This certification ensures that the FH-740 limits power consumption, reduces noise and electromagnetic emissions, and minimizes the use of hazardous chemical substances for a more sustainable production environment.  
  • Legendary Roland Service and Support  
Printing TechnologyPiezoelectric inkjet 
Max. ResolutionMaximum 1,440 dpi 
Number of Ink ColoursSix colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, and light magenta); eight colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, 
Ink TypeRoland FPG aqueous ink 
Ink Capacity220 cc 
Max. Printing WidthMax. 1,869 mm (73.5 in.) 
  • Width : 210 to 1,879 mm (8.3 to 74 in.)  
  • Thickness : Maximum 1.0 mm (39 mil) with liner, for printing  
  • Roll outer diameter : Maximum 210 mm (8.3 in.)  
  • Roll weight : Max. 40 kg (88 lb.)  
  • Core diameter : 76.2 mm (3 in.) or 50.8 mm (2 in.)  
ConnectivityEthernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, automatic switching) 
Power Consumption
  • During operation : Approx. 180 W  
  • During standby : Approx. 44 W  
Dimension3,169 x 1,260 x 845 mm (WxHxD) 
Weight210 kg 
  • Power requirements : AC 100 to 120 V ±10%, 2.0 A, 50/60 Hz or AC 220 to  
  • Power-saving function : Automatic sleep feature  
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