EDIMAX Wireless Access Point [EW-7415PDN] - Access Point

EDIMAX Wireless Access Point [EW-7415PDN]

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  • Wireless Access Point
  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • IEEE 802.3af PoE PD
  • 300Mbps
  • Overview
  • Spesifikasi
  • 802.11n Draft 2.0 Wireless LAN Access Point
    • Acting as a bridge between the wired Ethernet and the 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN, this wireless LAN access point can let your wireless LAN client stations access both the wired and the wireless network nodes.
  • WDS Bridge Mode (Repeater Mode)
    • The WDS (Wireless Distributed System) function let this access point acts as a wireless LAN access point and repeater at the same time. Users can use this feature to build up a large wireless network in a large space like airports, hotels and schools cetc. This feature is also useful when users want to bridge networks between buildings where it is impossible to deploy network cable connections between these buildings.
  • Robust Wireless LAN Security (WPA, WPA2 support)
    • Except for the basic security control by using ESSID and 64/128 bit key length WEP encryption, this access point also supports the advanced security features, like MAC access control, IEEE 802.1x authentication, TKIP, AES and hide ESSID. It provides a total solution for you to build up a secure wireless LAN network environment that can prevent from all kinds of hacker intrusion.
  • Web Configuration
    • You can configure this access point through the friendly Web user interface with a browser.
  • Two Power Supplying option
    • This access point Integrated PoE PD and also provides power jack for regular power adapter. Users can connect the access point with power adapter or PoE switch for power supply.
Data RatesUp to 300Mbps 
Operating Frequency2.4000~2.4835GHz 
Output Power
  • 11n: 14}1dBm  
  • 11g: 15}1dBm  
  • 11b: 17}1dBm  
Dimensions30 x 127 x 96 mm (HxWxD) 
AntennaDetachable 3dBi Dipole Antenna x 2 (2T2R MIMO Technology) 
Standards ProtocolIEEE 802.11b/g and IEEE802.11n 
Kesesuaian / Kecocokan12 Bulan dari Distributor Resmi di Indonesia 
  • Features:
    • Auto rate fallback in case of obstacles or interferences.  
    • Supports point-to-point and point-to-multi point bridge function.  
    • Supports WDS (Wireless Distributed System) repeater mode.  
    • Supports Universal Repeater mode.  
    • Supports AP Client mode.  
    • Supports four sets of ESSID to group the different wireless networks.  
    • Support WEP, WPA, WPA2 securities and RADIUS server authorization function.  
    • Supports WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) function.  
    • Provides MAC access control.  
    • Supports hidden SSID function.  
    • Supports Web-based configuration.  
    • Firmware upgradeable via Web browser.  
    • Complies with IEEE 802.3af Powered Device (PD) standard.  
  • Soc + RF: Ralink RT3052  
  • Memory:
    • Flash: 4 MB  
    • RAM: 16 MB SDRAM  
  • LAN Port: 10/100M UTP Port x 1  
  • Power: 12VDC, 1A Single Range Switching Power Adapter  
  • Temperature:
    • Operating: 0~40 Ž  
    • Storage: -20~60 Ž  
  • Humidity:
    • Operating: 10~90% (Non-Condensing)  
    • Storage: Max. 95% (Non-Condensing)  
  • Package Contents:
    • Wireless access point x 1  
    • CD (EZmax Setup Wizard, Multi-language Quick Installation Guide and User Manual) x 1  
    • Power adapter x 1  
    • 3dBi antenna x 2  
    • Accessory kit x 1  
    • Quick installation guide x 1  
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