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KORG Keyboard Arranger [PA600] - Keyboard Organ Tunggal / Arranger
KORG Keyboard Arranger [PA600] - Keyboard Organ Tunggal / Arranger
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KORG Keyboard Arranger [PA600]

Product Information
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61 Keys With Velocity, 360 Preloaded Styles, LCD Touch Screen, MIDI, USB
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Detail Specifications
  • Enhanced RX (Real eXperience) and DNC (Defined Nuance Control) sound engine offers improved realism and vivid sound  
  • Massive internal Factory PCM provides an extraordinarily powerful wave memory, delivering amazingly high quality sounds  
  • Two assignable switches and a four-way joystick ensure total control for the many available levels of sound articulation (DNC)  
  • Two versions of Pa600 are available: International and Quarter Tone button variations. Both feature an elegantly designed and compact cabinet, including a pristine amplification system  
  • Large, bright, backlit TouchView™ color TFT display (800x480)  
  • Easy layout and intuitive graphical interface with new Search function for easy retrieval of any musical resource or file  
  • New resource selection feature with copy/paste, rename and delete  
  • Over 360 factory Styles, each including three Intros/Endings, four variations and four Fill In + Break, plus ten Favorite and three User banks for storage of your favorite customized or user created Styles  
  • Enhanced Guitar Mode 2 for even more realistic guitar parts, plus synchronized pads  
  • Chord Sequencer function that can record any chord progression on-the-fly  
  • Improved General Midi set for Standard Midi Files, compatibility with popular lyric formats including graphical (+G), plus Text Viewer, Marker and Score  
  • MP3 player with Transpose and Tempo Change  
  • 4 Stereo Master Effects (125 FX algorithms)  
  • Fully programmable SongBook database based on Styles, SMF, karaoke, and MP3, with instant recall of any song setting and user-definable custom lists  
  • Localized Pa600 and Pa600QT data (sold separately) provides Sounds and Styles relevant to specific countries and regions.  
Jumlah Key61 keys with Velocity 
Tone Generator128 Oscillators (max polyphony 128 voices)- Filters with Resonance 
  • Compatibility for Sound Data
    • i-Series": Styles only  
    • Specifications  
DrumkitsUser 128 Drum Kits 
EffectEffects & EQ 
SpeakerSpeaker System 
Display7” 800 x 480 TFT Graphical Color TouchView 
Konsumsi Daya20 Watt 
Dimensi1,030 x 378 x 127 mm without music rest 
Kelengkapan PaketAccessories
  • Music Stand, Quick Guide, AC Cable, Accessory DVD (includes Owner’s Manual, Video Manuals, additional Sounds and Styles)  
  • Performance/STS
    • 320 Realtime Performance locations  
    • STS: Memorize Realtime tracks  
    • Up to 4 x Styles, up to 4 x SongBook entries  
    • My Setting special Performance  
  • Realtime Tracks
    • Four Keyboard tracks (Upper 1, 2, 3, Lower)  
  • Pads
    • 4 Pad tracks + Stop button – Pad Record  
  • Song Play
    • Single Player with Select, Start/Stop, Home, Rewind and Fast Forward controls  
    • Jukebox function - Compatible with SMF (formats 0 and 1) and MP3 with Vocal Remover - Lyrics (compatible with CDG), Score, Marker  
  • Song Book
    • Fully programmable music database, based on Styles, SMF, Karaoke, MP3 with automatic selection of Style Play and Song Play modes - User-definable custom lists - Filtering options  

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