MARSHALL Guitar Amplifier [MG10CF] - Gitar Amplifier
MARSHALL Guitar Amplifier [MG10CF] - Gitar Amplifier
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MARSHALL Guitar Amplifier [MG10CF]

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Rp 1,200,000
Rp 900,000
Cicilan 12 x Rp 75,000  Selengkapnya
Sisa 3 Unit
Garansi: 12 Bulan dari Distributor Resmi di Indonesia
  • Guitar Amplifier
  • Output Power 10W
  • 2 Channel
  • 6.5" Speaker
  • 1/4" Guitar Jack Input
  • 4 Control Knob
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With all the essentials for getting tone just right, the no-nonsense 10 Watt MG10CF has Clean and Overdrive channels, with a Contour control on the Overdrive channel, so you can fine-tune your tone. Loaded with a custom 6.5 speaker, the MG10C also features a handy MP3/Line In for jamming along to a track, and an emulated Headphone output for great sounding esilentf practice.
Output Daya10W 
Speaker6.5" Speaker 
Input1/4" Guitar Jack Input 
Output3.5mm Headphone Output 
Dimensi315 x 295 x 180mm (W x D x H) 
  • Control :
    • Clean Volume  
    • Gain Overdrive  
    • Volume Overdrive  
    • Contour  
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ampli murah tapi gak murahan

udah beli ampli ini dan sempat review berulang kali sblm beli..

barangnya sesuai yang diharapkan... tapi mmg kualitas distorsinya paling enak dibuat ke lagu rock2 gt...

kalo kalian mau beli ini tp mengharapkan mau maen genre metal, ya kurang gigit suaranya...

musti beli gitar efek lg yg bisa buat metal...

clean nya bagus. bener2 keliatan kualitas Marshallnya meskipun kecil gini... hehe

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amplinya sudah sampai dengan mulus ga ada noda..

gila banget harganya murah banget dibanding toko resminya..

terimakasih ya

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First to Review Certified Buyer
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Ampli mini kamar perfect buat pribadi... Salah satu barang bagus dn murah Hanya di bhinneka...saya merasa beruntung bsa belinya di bhinneka krn pas lg promo
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amfli kelas dunia
Barangnya udah nyampe tnpa cacat sedikitpun... langsung gw coba suaranya mantep banget....thanks bhineka
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Certified Buyer
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