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YAMAHA Keyboard Workstation [PSR-A2000] - Keyboard Workstation
YAMAHA Keyboard Workstation [PSR-A2000] - Keyboard Workstation
YAMAHA Keyboard Workstation [PSR-A2000] - Keyboard Workstation
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YAMAHA Keyboard Workstation [PSR-A2000]

  • Merek : YAMAHA
  • Item No : SKU01513119
61-keys, 325 Style, 128 Polyphony, LCD Display, USB
Rp 11,800,001
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  • Overview
  • Spesifikasi
  • Useful Information
Based on Yamaha's top-of-the-line PSR-S series keyboards, the new PSR-A2000 provides the kind of flexibility you would expect from a great instrument. With an optimized user interface and a wealth of new functions and Voices, the PSR-A2000 promises to satisfy the needs and requirements of performers in a wide range of genres.
  • Onboard + 64MB FlashROM Expansion = An Impressive Range of Voices and Styles with a world music focus
    • Expand your musical horizons with an array of stunning new voices and styles. The PSR-A2000 offers a huge amount of onboard content, providing an incredibly diverse sonic palette that features an impressive 1078 voices and 351 styles, including Arabic, Maghreb, Khaligi, Iranian, Turkish and Greek styles.  
  • Voice & Style Expandability
    • Thanks to Yamaha’s new Voice & Style Expansion contents for the PSR, players can take advantage of a wide and ever-increasing selection of regional, ethnic and traditional Voices and Styles. Load them to the PSR-A2000's built-in FlashROM and instantly play authentic sounds, rhythm and backing in the musical style of your choice! *Expansion Packs will be available soon  
  • Joystick Controller
    • Offering precise, intuitive control of both pitch, modulation plus another controller parameter like filter cutoff, the joystick controller adds a new dimension to your expressive capabilities. Now you can play with rapid trills, dynamic pitch bends, and finely-nuanced modulation —— all from a single, easily-configured controller.  
  • USB Audio Recording / Playback
    • Create your own mixes using your choice of Voices, Styles, and the internal sequencer, and record them directly to a USB thumb drive as an audio file. The USB Audio Recording / Playback function lets you effortlessly prepare material for playback on your PC, sharing over the internet, or burning to a CD.  
  • Realtime Scale function
    • The PSR-A2000 comes equipped Real time Scale Setting function allowing you to raise or lower the pitch of specific notes to create your own scales. With the Scale Memory buttons, user scale presets are recalled in real time. Scale Reset function lets you reset the scale quickly and easily during live performance.  
  • Outstanding Clarity and Tone
    • An improved Master EQ and better sound generation capabilities take the PSR-A2000 to a new level of sonic excellence. A powerful bottom end is complemented by superb mids and highs for stunning reproduction of all instrument sounds, particularly the percussion so crucial to Arabic music. What’s more, the PSR-A2000 features upgraded speakers that offer outstanding tone and distortion free sound even when driven to the limits of their capabilities.  
    • Use the USB TO DEVICE to save or load instrument settings and user songs you have created to a USB flash memory device inserted into the USB TO DEVICE terminal. You can also read data from USB flash memory devices.  
  • MegaVoice Technology
    • Featuring multiple samples across the keyboard with sophisticated velocity switching, MegaVoice technology offers incredibly authentic instrument sounds. MegaVoices contain not only basic samples of instruments, but also the performance techniques used with them. On a guitar, for instance, players will hear open and mute strings sounds, dead notes, hammering effects, slide effects, harmonics, and a wide range of strum and body noises. In technical terms, MegaVoices duplicate instruments’ behavior; in sonic terms, they give the keyboard stunningly realistic sounds.  
Jumlah Key61 Keys 
Jenis KeyOrgan Keys 
  • Multi Pads  
  • Scale Setting buttons  
  • Scale Memory buttons  
  • Joystick  
Tone GeneratorAWM Stereo Sampling 
Media Penyimpanan
  • Internal Memory : 1.4 MB  
  • External Drives : USB Flash Memory  
Max Polyphony128 
  • Number of Voices : 565 Voices + 33 Drum/SFX Kits + 480 XG Voices + GM2 + GS  
  • Featured Voices : Oriental Voice x 43, Mega Voice x 15, Sweet! Voice x 23, Cool! Voice x 33, Live! Voice x 19, Organ Flutes! x 10  
  • Reverb : 42 Preset + 3 User  
  • Chorus : 71 Preset + 3 User  
  • DSP :
    • DSP 1 : 271 Preset + 3 User  
    • DSP 2-4 : 128 Preset + 10 User  
  • Master EQ : 5 Preset  
  • Part EQ : 28 Parts (Right 1, Right 2, Left, Multi Pad, Style x 8, Song x 16)  
Speaker2 x Speaker (12cm + 5cm) 
Input / Output
  • Headphones  
  • MIDI  
  • AUX IN  
  • OUT PUT  
Dimensi1,003mm x 1,003mm x 433mm (WxHxD) 
Berat11 Kg 
Manufacturer Website

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