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OHAUS Portable Balance [CL501T]

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  • Durable ABS platform and housing
  • 500gram capacity
  • 0.1g Portable Scale
  • Overview

The OHAUS CL Compact Scale is a lightweight, portable scale perfectly suited for use in industrial, jewellery and home use applications. Applications can include quality control, formulation, soil sampling, jewellery, postal weighing and dietary weighing. Sleek, low profile design saves counter space

Ohaus New CL501 500gram x 0.1gram Compact Scale
The OHAUS CL Compact Scale is a lightweight, portable scale perfectly suited for use in industrial, jewellery and home use applications. Applications can include quality control, formulation, soil sampling, jewelry, postal weighing and dietary weighing. Sleek, low profile design saves counter space
Superior RF Protection
The New OHaus CL has a low profile and storage is made easy with a stackable design. The integrated load cell lock protects the weighing cell from damage during storage or transportation.
Stackable Design with Integrated Shipping Lock
The New OHaus CL is designed with superior RF protection to deliver accurate and stable results when used in production areas or near cell phones. Approvals for electrical and emissions include CE listed and FCC Class B Part 15 operation.
Key Features
Weighs in grams, pounds and ounces, troy ounces and pennyweight
Capacity 500grams
Readability 0.1g
Large high contrast display
Low battery indicator
Energy-saving auto shut-off
Powered by 3 x AA Alkaline batteries (supplied) or Optional mains adaptor


œ Capacity (metric): 500 g
œ Readability (metric): 0.1 g
œ Weighing units: g, lbs-oz, ozt, dwt
œ Repeatibility (Std. Dev.) (g): 0.1
œ Linearity (g): plus/minus 0.1
œ Tare range: To capacity by subtraction
œ Overload Protection 10 times capacity
œ Stabilization time (seconds): 3
œ Operating temperature range 64F to 77F/18C to 25C
œ Operating Humidity Range: 10% to 85% RH
œ Power requirements: AC Adapter: 100, 120, 220,


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