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Efficiently Optimize Fleet Management with Automate Data Collection System

Safety Operation Management

Manage driving behavior to reduce accident rate

Saving Cost

Easier way monitor vehicle data to reduce cost up to 60%

Efficient Delivery

Track every trip and optimize vehicle dispatching

How Coca-Cola and Huawei Manage Their Fleet Effectively

Escort the safety management of the Coca-cola fleet

Professional driving behaviors and scoring model algorithm helps Coca-Cola to reduce accident rates by 70% and isurance claims by 95% within one year

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A Benchmark Case of Enterprise Fleet Management Built with Huawei

Through efficient cost management and a scientific driver KPI management system Huawei has saved millions of dollars each year and has a return on invesment of up to 900%

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Driving Behavior Analysis & Optimization

Get safety alert for bad driving behavior and analyze report for every driving behavior.

Monitor Vehicles

Track real-time location fuel and mileage management. Use Geo-fence to monitor vehicle for private purposes.

Vehicle Cost Statistic & Analytic

User-Friendly Statistic for Cost Analysis

Personalize Monthly Report & Analysis

Our team will provide monthly report and analysis for your company.

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